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Top tips when preparing for student life! 
Holidays will be over in a flash and you’ll soon be back at uni. Whether you’re returning or it’s your first time, preparing yourself for uni life can be a daunting task, how do you know what to take and what to leave behind? We’ve created a few top tips to help you prepare and get student life covered and make your new place feel like home from home.  



Read information

1. Know what you’re doing.

If you’ve been given reading material, then read it. Get a good understanding of what it is you’re about to take on and you will feel ready to start and not like you’re falling behind. 




2. Know what you’re taking. 

From pjs to storage and laptops to cleaning you don't want to forget anything. Why not make a checklist of items you need to take with you so you’re fully prepared for your new life. We’ve made a checklist of a few key items to make your new place feel like home from home and help get you started.

University checklist:

  • Most important – of course it’s your mobile phone and charger
  • Bedding including sheets, duvet, blankets, pillows and pillowcases
  • Towels – crisp and clean ones 😉
  • Clothes for all weathers and occasions – always prepare for unexpected weather and nights out
  • Coat hangers – look after your clothes, hang instead of thrown on the floor
  • Toiletries - got to stay fresh
  • Storage for your room – a tidy room is a tidy mind 
  • Kitchen storage – keep your things organised and labelled 
  • Stationary including pens, pencils, notepads and highlighters – the obvious ones
  • PC/laptop and any cables and chargers – not always applicable
  • USB stick – handy, always backup
  • Cleaning stuff – keep your digs tidy
  • Laundry and detergent items – obligatory part of fending for yourself   
  • List of emergency numbers – keep your parents happy and safety is key  



Budget planning

3. Budget

Typical stereotype of student life is either can’t afford to continue as they’ve spent up in the first couple of weeks or constantly tapping from mum and dad. Prove them wrong, this is the start of adult life, budget for weekly food shops, rent, bills etc. watch how much you spend on a night out. Don’t leave yourself short for necessities and try keep an emergency pot in case of, yup you got it, emergencies. There are plenty of budget planners online.

Making friends

4. Be social

More often than not people are a little apprehensive about their new surroundings until you settle in, making new friends is the easiest way to feel settled, you can never have too many. Social media is a good way, join groups for example and start chatting before you get there, it’s not as hard as some may think. 



Think of your future

5. Think of the future

Get ahead of the game, apply for part-time work, gain experience of the working world or even volunteering. Not only does it build your professional network it looks great on your CV and will help you stand out from the crowd.


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