Hope India


Children in crisis
All over India tens of thousands of children suffer from deprivation both on the city streets and in rural areas. We are contacted on a regular basis concerning the plight of children of all ages who have been abandoned, orphaned or who for a variety of reasons are suffering abuse or starvation.
Hope’s social workers move into action very quickly, and on completion of a social investigation go through the legal formalities before a child becomes a member of one of our families.

What Hope do 
Hope Community Village was established to make a difference to the lives of just some of these children. They are a registered charity both in the UK and India, building and running our project in a very special village community in Kerala, Southern India.

The homes are managed by a 'Mother' - committed and caring women whose job it is to provide the children with shelter, support, love and encouragement. Creating a family environment whilst acting as support and refuge for them into young adulthood and beyond.

At present, they have six houses in the village, each with a mother and about 10 children. They also have a hostel a couple of kilometres away to accommodate our older boys. A kindergarten or infants’ school attended by our younger children and, in addition, some 60 children from the local community. Many of these would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend a school and Hope support them with school fees, uniform and free lunches.

How we help
JVL are avid supporters and make regular donations to the charity. We are passionate about fundraising and encouraging everyone to work with local, regional and worlwide charities.

How you can help
If this charity sounds of interest to you and you want to help, you can make one off donations or sponsor a child at Hope. For more information, or to donate, simply visit Hope India, charity page.